The very first question that hits upon the mind is what a ‘smart city’ actually is. The simple answer is, there is no exclusively drafted definition of a smart city till now. It simply means diverse things matter to different people in a totally different way. The overall conceptualization varies very much from city to city and region to region, basis on the standard and level of development. A smart city has diverse connotation in the country like India and therefore, there is not any single way to define a smart city.

Over the most recent years, the statistic structure of India has tremendously changed. Real move of the populace from towns towards urban areas looking for better living and professional openings has been quite noticeable. The destitution and stagnation at provincial spots have constrained rustic populace to move to urban zones to scan the better roads for living and sustenance.

Be that as it may, this wonder of urbanization is new to Delhi with and is all the while happening with Delhi smart city. The most clear explanation for relocation to urban communities is their being focal point of development, business, well being and different types of other vocations. As per the 2011 enumeration, around 27% of India’s populace lives in urban communities with an urban to rustic proportion of 39 and that is on the ascent, always.

Delhi has turned into a home to a portion of the biggest urban communities of the entire country by virtue of its quick urbanization. At present, it is the third biggest urban city on the planet with general populace of 12 million. The national capital Delhi is going to be a thickly populated urban focus with an expected populace of 16 million.

To offer answers for such urban issues, Dwarka Smart City now and again devise a total advancement systems for the urban areas with a forward looking vision. L Zone Delhi, along these lines, is recommended to give a response to urban residential issues in Delhi NCR. L Zone is the part of Master Plan Delhi 2021 under which Delhi has been separated into a few smart zones with individual arrangements for each of the areas. The primary concentration of L Zone is the significant change in the land acquisitions approach in Delhi.

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